Dramsko-glazbeni recital “Dar”, okrugli stol

Umjetnički dvosegmentni program “DAR” prvi je kazališni program za djecu i treći po redu uspješni ko-autorski projekt umjetnica Freeda Nere Immortelle/Nere Stipičević i Mie Melcher čije su prve izvedbe, pretpremijerna i premijerna, 5. i 6. svibnja 2023. godine održane u dvorani Narodnog sveučilišta Dubrava u Zagrebu.
Nesvakidašnje kazališno druženje formirano od dramsko-glazbenog recitala “Dar” (45’) i interaktivno-edukativnog okruglog stola (45’) namijenjeno je polaznicima osnovnih i srednjih škola, danas najizloženijoj skupini mladih od 12 do 18 godina kojima lažni prikazi života javnih osoba/influencera na društvenim mrežama postaju izvor brojnih frustracija te najčešće utječu na formiranje loše slike koju mladi imaju o sebi.

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Poetical Storytelling Concert program/Chansons françaises, 2021

Unique collage program of famous French classical and contemporary music, performed in an authentically intimate, emotional, theatrical and storytelling way by N.Stipičević/FreeDA Nera Immortelle (F-N-I) and TRAVERSHE, reminds us of the importance of art and its healing and cathartic effects.

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“Our guest of honor in «The evening of French chansons» was an excellent singer/performer Nera Stipičević. Accompanied by pianist Jurica Karuza she performed several French chansons, delivering the atmosphere of Pariz and river Sienna which flew between two different singing styles: Left Bank and Right Bank. With her intense vocality Nera reached expression rich in dynamics in contrast, as well as theatricality of every movement, increasing at the same moment feelings described in chansons and creating authentic moments of strong emotions among the audience.”



Theatre Concert play, 2021

With the need to present my most loyal companions during my 7 years old journey of solitude, my music and poetry, the focus on pure sound in performance was my guide light and for that the obscurity in the hall was my only condition. I brought my solitude on stage but my magical co-creators musician Vadim Erudaci and director Mia Melcher enlightened it with their own light. United in authenticity we shine. Only in the dark can we see the preciousness of the light.

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“Just the hypnotic, complete, beautiful chaos of all that a woman is. Yes, a woman – a man is not given such a way to explode into the world. Only a woman can be so all-encompassing in her being and so simultaneous into every part of her existence.”

Dalibor Talajić, multidisciplinary artist


Monodrama / Exhibition / Documentary films, 2015

The name of the multi artistic project itself “Free_DA” consists of the name of internationally recognized icon of Mexican painting, Frida Kahlo, and the need to find my own artistic freedom (Free_DA = Free_YES). With the support of co-author of the project director Mia Melcher and producer Petar Cvirn, for the first time consciously I dare to meet my Authentic self.

“The Free_DA project is a dedication to art itself and to the way it changes people’s lives, opens many questions and makes the world a better place.”

Ivor Martinić, writer