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The art therapy Story that will inspire you to start your own journey of Solitude towards Authenticity.

It’s the beginning of 2022. The pandemic still has its impact on our lives. Mental health is topic number 1, loneliness is the biggest danger and Authenticity is the only remedy. In a time when artists are “the closest” to reach it, their biggest source of inspiration, the town of Paris is the place where one Balkan artist consciously takes her path of Solitude.
12 episodes, 12 sessions, and 12 original songs!
Will she survive? Is she going to be completely alone on her healing path?
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Wanna be Free?


Be vulNERAble. Have no fear. IMMORTELLE is here.



Since I was a child I was called multi talented and between school and careless life, it sounded like being blessed. But, as usual, in life things don’t always go the easy way, my blessings were not shared enough and soon my gifts became my burden. At the beginning I thought my talents were the source of my anxiety but very soon I realized that the answer lies in a lack of my Authenticity.


Almost 20 years of my professional artistic and production experience in music, theater, television and film formed me into a multidisciplinary storyteller whose mission is to use the whole spectrum of imagination and public influence in order to promote the importance of Authenticity, Education and Creativity for the purpose of preserving and nurturing the mental health of women today.”


“We decide who we want to be. And that’s the hardest step in Your Story that will set you Free!”


Creator/Author/Composer – FreeDA Nera Immortelle
Performer/Voice, Piano – FreeDA Nera Immortelle
Sound designer/Artistic consultant – Andrea Giordani
Composer/Performer, Guitar – Vadim Erudaci
Author of online exhibition “Not for sale” – Marina Mesar OKO

Dramaturge – Dina Vukelić
Graphic design – Studio Cuculić
Web design – Ivana Radovniković Marković
Public relations – PRiredba Studio

Music producer – Vadim Erudaci
Coordinating producer – Ivana Radovniković Marković
Creative consulting producer – Petar Cvirn
Executive producer – FreeDA Nera Immortelle

Production – Artistic non-profit organization SOBA2 and TeatruM


Ministry of Culture and Media, Republic of Croatia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Croatia
Embassy of France, Republic of Croatia