0.Les Nuits Blanches

Les Nuits Blanches / White nights

As a multidisciplinary artist looking for the meaning of her life and artistic expression, Freeda explores both her artwork and her personal life, the two aspects of her being that are deeply interconnected. Since she is dislocated in Paris, far away from her Mediterranean home, she takes time and space to examine the roots of her problems as well as solutions to them. Freeda meets with her acquaintance psychotherapist Elle, introduced to her by her French friend, Elle’s sister Monique. Surrounded by plants in her atypical office, Elle helps Freeda to dive into her subconscious feelings, traumas, and joys, acting as an old all-knowing soul with a profound and deep understanding of earthly and non-earthly subjects. This eye-opening connection, which turns into some form of art therapy and friendship, takes place in the middle of COVID-19 crisis in the year 2022. The so-called new normal state, obligatory face masks, language barriers that make everything complicated but also more transparent, Freeda’s broken French and her money struggles are all the reasons that make the artist feel ashamed, hypersensitive, and naked in front of her therapist Elle who acts as her higher self. While developing her new project, Freeda is also working on her self-esteem and therefore is willing to open up, uncover her deepest fears and share intimate struggles that are more complicated than money issues. As we deal with the complex subjects of Freeda’s identity, anxiety, creativity, and love the dominant color of the episode is white. All of the aforementioned are intertwined with her creative expression and the essence of her existence. The therapy she participates in balances between intimate and professional relationship, bringing out not only Freeda’s pain and doubts but also functioning as a catalyst to Elle’s personality, rooted in her own experience.

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