La Ville Violette/Purple Town

A year has passed since Freeda and Immortelle first met at Freeda’s concert and started their unusual, yet inspiring, friendship. Immortelle’s health has suddenly started deteriorating after she had been diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease. Worried about her friend’s life-threatening condition, Freeda leaves her homeland and flies to Paris to visit Immortelle. Freeda is also recovering from her knee surgery and the two women are again united in their most fragile states that evoke their most intimate thoughts. Freeda learns about the way Immortelle was contaminated and is deeply worried about her. Besides almost dying from this disease, Immortelle has been isolating herself from the outer world and, above all, Monique. As she says, her loneliness is unsupportable, so her cat Fidel is her only possible companion when she needs physical contact. She is struggling with her relationship with Monique. The theme of loneliness is brought up, which makes them question Freeda’s and Immortelle’s romantic relationships, the concept of soulmates, the power of friendships as the biggest form of human respect, serving and taking care of others, and especially – love. Both of them explore their own identities by revealing their real names and the meanings behind them which are connected to their family background and heritage. Diving deeply into her heritage, Immortelle remembers the purple town. As the color purple represents the intuition and mystical side of life, which both Freeda and Immortelle explore while being in their vulnerable state, it’s up to you as a listener to discover if the purple town exists at all.

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