2.Le Béton Gris

Le Béton Gris/Grey concrete

Le Sol Gris symbolically represents neutral territory as well as balance. Freeda and Elle meet at a restaurant, which is for both of them neutral and deprived of any personal connotations or meanings. Its neutrality is highlighted by a prevailing neutral color such as the color gray. Freeda accepts Elle’s invitation for lunch in such a safe zone like the restaurant outside the office under the condition that she pays the bill, as she still feels indebted to Elle for her valuable service. In spite of neutrality, Freeda and her guide Elle are getting closer while sharing their emotions and experiences in an informal psychotherapy session that becomes both private and personal. Therefore, both of them realize how surprisingly similar they are and how they share similar views on the subjects of ego, identity, Authenticity, dreams, and youth. All of the aforementioned topics lead to a greater one and that is art. Art connects Freeda and Elle, but it’s more than just art. Art embodies lust for life. Freeda’s artistic and personal doubts make her question her values as an artist but also as a woman. Her self-esteem and desires are being explored by Elle’s mature knowledge and wisdom. However, the question of boundaries between patient and therapist is brought up to the surface. Is Freeda naive while opening her heart to Elle, who is still an enigma to Freeda herself? Is it safe to give her trust to a woman she doesn’t know a lot about? Who helps whom in this healing process? Is Freeda being naive or is it her artistic open-mindedness and honesty? The expected split-up leads to an unexpected development of the patient-client relationship in an innovative form of Art therapy.

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