3.Les Murs Jaunes

Les Murs Jaunes/ Yellow wallas

Unexpected circumstances and the atypical relationship between two women contribute to erasing all the boundaries of a professional relationship between a patient and a doctor. The power outage makes Freeda and Elle deal with darkness in a literal and metaphorical sense. While disappearing in dark, without visible and tangible distractions from the outer world, Freeda and Elle continue bonding by diving deeply into their psyche searching for light. The surrounding darkness inspires Freeda to reflect on her deep relationship with music as a tool which makes her confront her intimate and romantic issues from the past. Music also functions as her way to deal with her long-term relationship, which has abruptly come to an end. Freeda’s art expresses her emotions freely and without constraint. She bravely confronts her fear of losing her memories and her fear of dementia. Even though Freeda and Elle are stuck in the dark with no electricity, there is an ongoing motif of yellow color as a symbol of creative expression, artistic inspiration, and search for deeper meaning. However, how deep are they willing to go? Maybe Freeda isn’t the only one who is afraid to dig deeper? There’s a secret buried in Elle’s name that brings out another dimension of Elle’s persona. Since our names tell part of our stories, what happens when we change our names just like Elle did?

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