4.L'eau Rouge

L’eau Rouge/ Red water

Guided by the symbolism of the color red, Freeda and Immortelle explore the subject of their femininity, along with other accompanying taboo subjects such as menstrual cycle, pain, and all the aspects of being a mother or staying childless. The women’s issues which are still highly sensitive topics are examined through extraordinary historical examples that shed light on Freeda’s own insecurities and questions concerning her gender. Red as a color of blood and passion serves as a tight bond between two honest women who open up about their feminine and vulnerable sides. Their conversation is more intimate than ever before, which is the result of connecting psychical pain and psychological effects of the pain. The color red leads to opening up about questions of love and fear, opinion and judging, karma and lying as well as balancing between different emotional states and the use of emotional intelligence. Biological processes and psyche are examined in a therapeutic and friendly manner. The therapy itself is questioned through different methods of therapeutic healing such as chromotherapy, which uses colors. Freeda learns more about the nature of chromotherapy and its advantages in practical use. Therefore, colors as a theme – including differences between red and yellow – are enriched with additional meanings which help us understand Freeda’s psyche.

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