5.L'air Orange

L’air Orange/Orange air
Freeda’s and Immortelle’s meeting takes place during a snowy day, somehow heavy and filled with doubts and inner struggles. Immortelle opens the window to feel the fresh air and hear the sound of the vacuumed street, cars passing by, and kids playing with snow. Freeda surprises Immortelle with flowers even though it’s not her birthday, which makes Immortelle a bit uncomfortable. Slightly shaken by the unexpected gesture, Immortelle shows herself in a different light. She is more vulnerable and questions how her life has turned out. Freeda, on the contrary, questions her self-esteem and ungratefulness triggered by the present. The motif of oranges, which Freeda hesitated to buy, makes them examine the color orange which represents social aspects of human beings as well as good deeds. Having that in mind, Freeda wanted to get closer to Immortelle by buying her present, which reveals the side of her that longs for close and meaningful human connections. Their relationship goes further as Freeda openly longs for closeness and understanding. More honest and open than ever, she shares with Immortelle her artistic struggles and doubts concerning her big authorial musical project. Artistic values and motivation to create new pieces of work are connected to Freeda’s emotional capacities. However, Freeda needs to let go of her self-control and self-doubts. Dealing with plenty of her emotions feels like a burden, although it makes her a well-rounded artist. There is sincerity and trust between the two women which are symbolically represented by the color orange.

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