6.La Foi Marron (Part 1 & Part 2)

La Foi Marrone/Brown Faith
Freeda called Immortelle. It wouldn’t be something unusual if it wasn’t Sunday morning. Inspired by Immortelle’s words about being a change as an individual, Freeda made a desperate move that she regretted right away, and that caused her a great feeling of guilt and shame. After three days of insomnia, Freeda needs Immortelle’s presence in order to calm herself down. A few hours later, Freeda meets Immortelle in the office and there is a sight to see. The whole office is covered with piles of soil. With all the soil bags, shovels, and plants, the office looks more like a children’s playground. In order to protect herself, Immortelle is dressed in a suit and looks like an astronaut, which surprises Freeda. Soil as a central theme of Freeda’s art therapy makes a connection to the color brown. Freeda and Immortelle point out the connection between nature and mankind, which they are willing to explore together in this session. Freeda’s personal belief that it’s easier to have faith in nature than in people is one of the subjects of ongoing therapy. While cherishing plants as if they were living human beings, Freeda and Immortelle cherish each other. As a result, they share their personal views on subjects of human pain, sadness, self-esteem, and the delicate subject of suicide. Their serious and sensitive conversation leads to hypnosis guided by Immortelle. Freeda is going back to her family roots and her innermost fears, one of them being the greatest of all – the fear of abandonment. The symbolism of soil thus has plenty of meanings which we have to decode with the help of the two women. This time all the questions will be examined in two parts of the episode.

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