7.Le Support Blue

Le Support Blue/ Blue Support
It’s Sunday morning and an unbelievably warm sunny day. After having finished with her cleaning, Freeda stands in front of the window and enjoys the moment, the sun, and atmospheric sounds from outside. Immortelle waters her plants and takes care of them as if they were her close friends or family members. It’s finally springtime and the Winter is over, bringing ease, lightness, and happiness into Freeda’s life. The two women acknowledge selflessness as the greatest gift. The unity of humans and nature is what makes everyone whole in the difficult times of pandemics and economic crises. Freeda and Immortelle continue to engage in their art therapy session. However, something unexpected happens. Immortelle has her breakdown caused by Freeda’s little mistake while dusting. Their relationship varies between complete trust and Immortelle’s breakdown, which leads to Elle’s opening up herself to Freeda. Gratitude, guilt, gifts, and true human connection are intertwined with the symbolism of blue, which represents support in difficult and challenging times. Freeda talks about her hypersensitivity as a consequence of juggling with her emotions, which has effects on her body, especially on her throat and chest. The blue is connected to water and therefore it’s Chrystal whose shape is strongly affected by the energy to which it is exposed, therefore strongly by the words of love and gratitude. Everything we imagine can come true and it comes from water. Freeda’s energy changes as the session goes on and she learns about another great gift connected to water and the color blue and that is – thirst.


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