La Vérité Verte/Green Truth
Freeda and Immortelle are dealing with challenges in their friendship and professional relationship, but they are both willing to sort them out. By taking a long walk, they examine the questions of truth and lies, especially white lies Immortelle has engaged in order to protect herself. Freeda is looking back at the dynamics of her past friendships and wonders if it is possible to remain completely honest in any kind of relationship. Their walk through the streets of Paris takes them to the Bamboo Garden whose trees emanate the color green and serve as a great metaphor for Freeda’s and Immortelle’s values. Greater than steel, they embody resistance, integrity, modesty, and loyalty. Just like bamboo trees, only those who strive to have deep roots can grow higher than the others. And that demands Solitude and its less beautiful side – loneliness. Freeda begins questioning her loneliness in such a big city but also the pain that it brings along. Do we all live on a lonely or lovely planet? How to deal with one’s own vulnerability? Immortelle’s secrets unfold. There is no more space for lies – either big or white ones. Immortelle opens her heart to Freeda. We learn shocking details about Immortelle’s family background, upbringing, past decisions, and secrets, which had been hidden from Freeda or, to put it in Freeda’s words, presented as lies.

SONG "MIRITAŠ" (teaser)

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