Les Rȇves Indigo/ Indigo Dreams

Just a few days after spending time with Immortelle by taking a long, unforgettable walk in the Bamboo Garden, Freeda unexpectedly leaves Paris and comes back to her homeland in order to sort things out, mostly with herself. It’s June and it’s been almost three months since Immortelle and Freeda heard from each other. Freeda feels the need to catch up and talk to Immortelle, so due to the distance, they meet in a completely different (virtual) setting – via a Zoom call. Although there is tension in the air because of Freeda’s anxiety, an insight into Freeda’s personal living space through the screen, and thus her intimacy, makes this conversation unique in comparison to all previous in-person communications. Immortelle notices there is something wrong with Freeda’s emotional state. She relies on many excuses and is overwhelmed by her negative self-talk. Besides that, there is an ongoing issue with Freeda’s knee after she had gone through knee surgery. The subject of interconnection between physical pain and mental well-being as well as body and mind is brought up because of Freeda’s recent experience. Moreover, the fear of physical pain is intertwined with Freeda’s loss of her close friend, an artist who made up his own city of solitude using his wild imagination because of his poor physical health. Freeda describes his distinctive persona; his small cap, circle glasses, and indigo blue outfit. Therefore, the indigo blue color is the motif of this episode. It is also a color that makes the biggest difference in Freeda’s knee recovery and reminds us that our body is not ours when the indigo subject takes it over.

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