Theatre Concert play, 2021

With the need to present my most loyal companions during my 7 years old journey of solitude, my music and poetry, the focus on pure sound in performance was my guide light and for that the obscurity in the hall was my only condition. I brought my solitude on stage but my magical co-creators musician Vadim Erudaci and director Mia Melcher enlightened it with their own light. United in authenticity we shine. Only in the dark can we see the preciousness of the light.

“Just the hypnotic, complete, beautiful chaos of all that a woman is. Yes, a woman – a man is not given such a way to explode into the world. Only a woman can be so all-encompassing in her being and so simultaneous into every part of her existence.”

Dalibor Talajić, multidisciplinary artist

“KLUB7” Croatian Radiotelevision: