Dramatic and musical recital “Dar/Gift”, Round table

The artistic two-segment program “Dar/Gift” is the first theater program for children and the third successful co-author project of the artists Freeda Nera Immortelle/Nera Stipičević and Mia Melcher.It’s initial performances, including the preview and premiere, took place on May 5th and 6th, 2023 at Narodno Sveučilište Dubrava hall in Zagreb.
The extraordinary theatrical gathering consists of the dramatic-musical recital “Dar/Gift” (45′) and an interactive-educational round table (45′). It is intended for the most fragile group of young people aged 12 to 18 who are exposed to false depictions of the lives of public figures/influencers on social networks which ultimately become a source of their numerous frustrations and most often influence the formation of a negative self-image among the youth. Program also includes an online anonymous survey whose results should enable a better understanding of the issues faced by the present audience.
The goal of the project is to encourage young people to think about themselves more and in different ways, starting from their unique gifts/talents, and to encourage them to always look for that hidden voice inside of them. No matter how big or small our decisions are, our best friend is always within us showing us our unique, authentic and the only correct path for us.

Autobiographical story of “artist’s way” and interactive communication on the topic of creativity, art therapy, loneliness and misunderstanding, make the “Dar/Gift” program at the moment as the only artistic theater program in Zagreb that manages to encourage adolescents to voluntarily switch their attention from mobile devices to the what is currently happening in front of them and around them.
It is well known that music, regardless of language, finds its way to young generations the easiest, and to find out what our way looks like, follow our online official pages, come to National University of Dubrava or invite us to your place!

Authors: Freeda Nera Immortelle/N. Stipičević, Mia Melcher
Text: Mia Melcher/Freeda Nera Immortelle
Direction/Dramaturgy of Recital: Mia Melcher
Music: Freeda Nera Immortelle
Costume Design/Lighting: Mia Melcher
Performed/Recital by: Freeda Nera Immortelle, Tomislav Parmać
Participants/Round Table: Freeda Nera Immortelle, Mia Melcher/Ivana Lulić/Petar Cvirn

Poster Graphic Design: Ivana Radovniković Marković
Photography: Ana Šesto

Production: Artistic organization SOBA2/Nera Stipičević and TeatruM/Petar Cvirn, Narodno sveučilište Dubrava, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia

Premiere: May 6, 2023, Narodno sveučilište Dubrava, Zagreb

The performance takes place at NS Dubrava in Zagreb, season 2023/2024.
Duration: 2 X 45′