Poetical Storytelling Concert program/Chansons françaises, 2021
Duration: 75′

Nera Stipičević (F-N-I), Actress/Singer
Tomislav Parmać, Piano
Mirko Prišlin, Guitar
Leopold Stašić, Violin
Neven Šverko, Cello

Production: Artistic non-profit organization “Soba2”

Unique collage patchwork program of famous French classical and contemporary music, performed in an authentically intimate, emotional, theatrical and storytelling way by N.Stipičević/FreeDA Nera Immortelle (F-N-I) and TRAVERSHE, reminds us of the importance of art and its healing and cathartic effects.

The musical quintet “TRAVERSHE” is founded in 2021 by multidisciplinary artist and producer F-N-I/N.Stipičević in order to show admiration and gratitude to French culture for supporting her authorial work. The artist’s experience of international artist residency and scholarship of Town of Paris at “Centre International des Récollets” (2013, 2018) reinforces her convictions that intercultural cooperation, tolerance and mutual inspiration are key to the healthy personal and professional development of individuals, and thus to the development of solidarity and empathy that the contemporary worlds still lacks.

Term Travershe (Dalmatian Aprons) is a common name used for all collaborators of F-N-I who by serving their talents and living their passion daily contribute society. Dressed in Aprons, Travershe promote the importance of nurturing creativity daily as the necessity for maintaining good mental health.

“Our guest of honor in «The evening of French chansons» was an excellent singer/performer Nera Stipičević. Accompanied by pianist Jurica Karuza she performed several French chansons, delivering the atmosphere of Pariz and river Sienna which flew between two different singing styles: Left Bank and Right Bank. With her intense vocality Nera reached expression rich in dynamics in contrast, as well as theatricality of every movement, increasing at the same moment feelings described in chansons and creating authentic moments of strong emotions among the audience.”